If you live in California, then you are in luck when it comes to getting a higher education. There are numerous high quality colleges throughout the state and that means whether you are a student looking at enrolling or you are a parent, you will certainly want to look into the best opportunities possible. After all, getting a degree from a college that is well-known for being high quality will offer you the best chance in getting a lucrative career.

USA Today offers a well-researched list of the 10 best colleges in each state, including the colleges in California. These include:

  1. Stanford University – stanford.edu
  2. California Institute of Technology – caltech.edu
  3. Harvey Mudd College – hmc.edu
  4. Univeristy of Southern California – usc.edu
  5. Pomona College – pomona.edu
  6. Claremont McKenna College – claremontmckenna.edu
  7. University of California – Los Angeles – ucla.edu
  8. University of California – Berkeley – berkeley.edu
  9. Soka University of America – soka.edu
  10. University of California – San Diego – ucsd.edu

As you will notice, three of the top 10 are all a part of the University of California system. However, they are very different campuses that specialize in different things. For example, the San Diego campus is best known for engineering, social sciences, and psychology while the Berkeley campus is best known for foreign languages, nutrition, technology, and social issues.

It is best to take the time and research a variety of different colleges before making a decision instead of just choosing the closest colleges in California available. These days, there is so much competition in the job market that one simply cannot just pick any old school. Instead, by picking one of the top colleges in California, it will be much easier for a student to get the best job without falling behind in the competition for the same careers at the same locations.