Choosing a major will have a massive impact on what type of careers are available once a student graduates. For that reason, getting on the right path from the beginning is a must. If you are a high school student or you have a child who is in high school, there are quite a few different career paths to take, but one of the most lucrative would be a job in a science position. There are more positions in sciences than you may realize, so it is certainly worth looking into them. Some of the top science careers you could choose according to College Express include the following.


Pursuing a career in astrophysics actually provides plenty of opportunities including astronomer, physicist, technical writer, research scientist, computer specialist, and even climatologist. This is a preferred option for students who are interested in pursuing careers that require a doctorate degree.


There are more people who need degrees in atmospheric science than you may realize, and they go well beyond the weather people you see on television. Some of the careers available in this path include atmospheric research, environmentalist, meteorologist, wind power developer, pollution control, and meteorologist.


This type of degree can certainly open the doors to a very lucrative career as a biologist, a chemist, college professor, laboratory technician, microbiologist, technical writer, research scientist, or physician.

Forensic Science

Imagine all of those people who comb over crime scenes, find a single hair and are able to catch a criminal. A degree in forensic science offers these types of jobs, including careers in forensics, crime scene consultation, evidentiary consultancy, and even college professorship as well as other science careers.

There are numerous different science careers that are definitely worth considering for people who are interested in pursuing a higher education and a lucrative job that requires research and study.