Every year, some of the top publishers and experts put together lists of the top colleges in the USA. These lists are created from detailed algorithms for ranking including educational quality, types of degrees available, etc. These colleges are considered to be the very best available, providing undergraduates and often graduates with the best opportunities.

Forbes created a list of the top colleges in the USA based on student satisfaction, graduate success, student debt, graduation rate, and academic success. By factoring all of these things in, it is easier to determine which colleges students will have the best chance of completing as well as the best chance of being successful in a career after graduation.

The Forbes list for the top colleges in the USA for this year includes, in order:

  1. Williams College in Massachusetts
  2. Stanford University in California
  3. Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania
  4. Princeton University in New Jersey
  5. MIT in Massachusetts
  6. Yale University in Connecticut
  7. Harvard University in Connecticut
  8. Pomona College in California
  9. United States Military Academy in New York
  10. Amherst College in Massachusetts
  11. Haverford College in Pennsylvania
  12. University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania
  13. Brown University in Rhode Island
  14. Bowdoin College in Maine
  15. Wesleyan University in Connecticut
  16. Carleton College in Minnesota
  17. University of Notre Dame in Indiana
  18. Dartmouth College in New Hampshire
  19. Northwestern University in Illinois
  20. Columbia University in New York

Whether you are a parent looking for the right school for your child or you are a student determining where you would like to go to college, you may wish to consider one of these top colleges in the country. Many of them continue to stay on the list year after year for very good reason – because they continue to maintain the highest education level.