If you live in Southern California, then you know what some of the best weather in the country feels like. The sunshine and beaches close by certainly make you never want to go indoors. Of course, going indoors will be a must to achieve a degree. If you are a parent or you are a student getting ready to start applying, then you will definitely want to choose one of the best colleges in Southern California for a degree. That’s for good reason too.

There are so many people entering the workforce every single day. Any graduate will have a great deal of competition for jobs. And, those who have a quality education from a top school will have the best chances of getting the position. So, considering the best colleges in Southern California would simply be the smartest idea.

California Institute of Technology

Located in Pasadena, this college is considered one of the best for engineering degrees, which can lead to lucrative jobs in the future.

Harvey Mudd –

This small, private college located just outside of Los Angeles is known for a variety of different degree opportunities.

University of Southern California –

Situated in Los Angeles, USC is one of the best known colleges in the country.

Pomona College –

Located in Claremont outside of Los Angeles, Pomona College is relatively small and is known for smaller class sizes and more interaction between the students and teachers.

Claremont McKenna College –

Another part of the Claremont Consortium of Colleges, this is a liberal arts school that is well known for degrees in economics and public affairs.

University of California – Los Angeles –

Of course, it would be impossible to make a list without mentioning the University of California system, located right in Los Angeles.

USA Today offers more information about the top colleges in Southern California as well as the state as a whole.