This one is for the parents. As much as we may want our children to go off and earn their bachelor’s degree, sometimes they just aren’t ready for it by the end of high school. Whether it is you or your child who first brings up these concerns, it is important that you come to this conclusion together and discuss alternatives.

Discuss Exactly Why They May Not Be Ready for College

Don’t beat around the bush. There are a wide variety of reasons why some seniors may not be ready to attend a four year college right out of high school. Usually its things like, poor grades, financial issues, immaturity or even lack of interest.

Discuss Other Options

This is perhaps the most important step to take into consideration. If finances are a big issue, they can start working after high school graduation to save up money. If your son or daughter isn’t ready to go away to a four-year public or private school, you may also want to check out your local community college. The community college route is definitely more affordable. Students can complete a two year degree and then transfer to complete their four year degree. This option allows students to pay less in tuition, while still working toward their college degree. There are a lot of opportunities for students who choice to go to community college first.  Not to mention, that community college also offers a lot of certificate options within various career fields.

Consider Working with a Professional

An independent educational consultant can help you realize even more options for your son or daughter, if the ultimate goal is indeed college. Consultants can help in customizing a plan of action that fits each student’s individual needs. This includes helping students find the right college fit for the right price. If you’re looking for professional help in your area you can visit for more information.

Stay Positive

If it is decided that your son or daughter will not be attending a four year college or university at this time, it is important that you maintain a positive attitude. After all, this doesn’t mean they won’t ever be ready — “not right now” is by no means “never”.