The idea of going to a college sounds fun. A new beginning, new campus, new faculty and several other opportunities await you. However, the admissions process can be very daunting.

From writing lengthy essays to scoring good grades in high school, the college application process can sometimes feel like one anxiety filled moment after another. Luckily, the Common Application can help save you time.

What is the Common App?

The common application is a college admissions application that is accepted by 500 various colleges and universities across the United States and in other countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the UK.

Unlike traditional college applications, the Common Application requires only one letter of recommendation and one college essay. It aims to judge students on a “holistic process”. It also facilitates the applicant’s admission to a number of colleges in over 47 states and the District of Columbia as well.

Why Should I Use the Common Application?

  • If you’re applying specifically to a college that accepts the common app
  • It simplifies the college admission process by helping students to organize and manage their application process, which includes college related timelines and deadlines.
  • The greatest benefit is that it allows students to fill out just one application and one essay and apply to multiple schools.

 The biggest Limitation of the Common Application:

As beneficial as the above may sound, the college application has its own set of limitations. It is only recognized and accepted in certain colleges. This means that the common application could still just be one of several applications that students will have to fill out. If you’re applying to a University of California (UC) or a public state school, those will all be separate applications