Don’t underestimate the importance of a good College match!

When it comes to deciding on a college match, a school’s academics are obviously important. However, they are far from being the only factor you should consider (and besides, your academic goals could very well change during your time as a student). Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect college should be, and following these tips will help you realize yours.

Make Sure You Actually Like the Campus

Believe it or not, the campus environment often plays a huge role in deciding a college match. Some students do much better at urban colleges on exciting city streets, while others thrive on suburban campuses with plenty of trees and sprawling lawns.

Check Out the Extracurricular Options

Extracurricular activities often play an even bigger role in the lives of college students than they do for high school students. Not only are clubs and athletic teams great ways to make friends and form an active social life, but they can also offer valuable networking opportunities in the future (and for some student athletes, sports could very well be your future). Some organizations may even complement your major (if you’re a journalism major, for example, joining the student newspaper could be a great choice).

Investigate the Local Town and Nightlife

Now, partying is NOT why you are going to college. That said, it’s healthy to not limit your life to campus and to balance academics with going out with friends. Be sure to check out the surrounding town and entertainment options, and don’t be afraid to ask current students about what they like to do in the area for fun. Local establishments like restaurants, movie theaters and retail stores could also be potential part-time job opportunities for you. Activities outside of the school setting can often times dictate a good college match.

Avoid Following Friends or Significant Others

If you love a school and your best friend or high school sweetheart happens to love it too, that’s great. However, it is important that you follow your own path and not those of others. This is a critical point in your life, and it’s one time where it’s okay for your decision to be all about you. Your strongest relationships will manage to last through distance and time.