Getting ready to go off to college is an exciting time, but it is also a stressful time too. If you are a student, then you are probably ready to go out there on your own. If you are a parent, then you may feel like it is a bittersweet moment. In either case, one of the most important things to do will be to go through a college checklist to determine which college would be the best. Here are questions you can ask yourself or your child to help choose the best college according to USA Today.

  1. Are you willing to live in the city or town where the college is located?
  2. Does the college offer the major you are interested in?
  3. Would you be able to pursue an internship close by?
  4. Can you afford the price of the college?
  5. Do you like the look and feel of the campus?
  6. Will you be willing to live in the same town if you got a job opportunity there?
  7. Will you be ok with the weather where the college is located?
  8. Have you learned about the professors to find out if they will be best for your degree?
  9. Do the current students at the college seem happy?
  10. Does the school have unique and fun electives for you to pursue?
  11. Will you be ok with following the college’s rules?
  12. Will you be able to afford the cost of living in the city?
  13. Is it close enough that you could visit home when you would like?

By looking into these questions on the college checklist and answering them for the colleges you are considering, you will be able to pick the very best ones to apply to so that you can pursue the right degree and eventually, the right career. So, use this college checklist for any school you are considering.