Whether you are a high school graduate getting ready to go to college or you are a parent helping your child navigate these new waters, one of the most important things to consider, after choosing the right educational institution, will be picking a major. This is integral to getting a lucrative position at some point after graduation. It certainly helps, then, if you know the best college majors to consider. The Princeton Review as well as Forbes both created a list of the top six college majors to consider based on career opportunities. These include the following.

Business Administration and Management

This is considered one of the best college majors because it opens up the most doors. This type of degree will open up a whole variety of positions in a variety of different jobs as well.


This major is considered a good option because it offers higher paid positions in private sectors or even larger hospital environments.


This is a position that has an ongoing need. There is always a need for nurses in every hospital and medical center throughout the country.


While the pay may not be high in teaching positions, there are always opportunities. Additionally, an education degree opens up the door to higher education opportunities so that a student could eventually teach in college.

Biomedical Engineering

Actual engineering degrees of any type can become very lucrative. In fact, those with engineering degrees can easily make over $100,000 a year. The mid-career median income for a biomedical engineer is around $97,000.

Computer Sciences

This is definitely a no-brainer. With this world of technology today, there is a constant demand for any professional in IT in a variety of different businesses.

This list of the best college majors most certainly doesn’t guarantee a good job, but it does mean a student would have the most opportunities.